Once we visit about your needs, we’ll develop a plan for moving forward and we’ll work by contract. The contract can be set up by the project, or on a retainer/monthly fee. Below is a representative list of services I provide, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact me and we’ll discuss your needs. Each client is different and I offer a flexible payment plan.


First and foremost, do you have an annual Fundraising Plan? Do you have accountability outlined in each area, and did you create SMART goals????  We’ll look at your current plan – or need for one – and develop a realistic, doable plan with accountability, a timeline and anticipated outcomes for each major funding stream.

Annual Fund  We analyze your existing annual fund program including your past return rates, your relationship with your donors, your “package” and determine areas for improvement. We’ll review current best practices that may help you expand your annual giving program.

Database Analysis   When was the last time you ran a SYBNUT and LYBUNT analysis? Do you understand the results and what to do with them? How efficient are your database procedures? Have you considered a wealth screening of your database to identify prospects to cultivate for major gifts and planned gifts? We’ll use best practices to explore ways to strengthen relationships with your existing donors as well as explore areas to help you expand your donor base.

Foundations and Grants  We analyze your current grants program, if you have one in place. If you don’t, we’ll talk about what it takes to develop one. There is a list of criteria we’ll review to make sure your organization is indeed, grant ready. We’ll develop a grants strategy and create a plan to help you identify and cultivate relationships to pursue grant funding. Grant writing services are also available and include prospect research, proposal writing and development, and supervision of the complete submission process.

Major Gifts Fundraising   Together, we analyze your current major gifts program, or if you want to establish one, what your goals are. We’ll develop a plan that is both workable and meaningful to you, your staff and your board.   Major gifts provide a meaningful, rewarding venue to increase revenue to meet the needs of your mission, but it takes a commitment of time and resources.

Planned Giving   Does your organization have a long history of positively impacting your community? Do you have longstanding relationships with many donors who have supported you year after year? Do you have a legacy society – or need to establish one? We’ll create a realistic plan that enables you to talk comfortably about planned giving opportunities that will benefit both your donors  – and your organization.

Board Development

Board Member Recruitment   Do you need help recruiting the best, most passionate board members? Do you have a board commitment model to discuss with potential board members? Can you comfortably and confidently discuss board responsibilities including giving expectations, with prospective board members? We’ll review all of these important components and develop a recruitment plan to add board members that are passionate about your mission, will help to fundraise and have ownership of your organization.

Board Member Training   How do you train your new board members once they come on board? We’ll discuss the importance of an annual session that outlines priorities for the upcoming year along with training that specifically addresses fundraising responsibilities of the board. We’ll discuss ways your board members become confident advocates for your organization. We’ll develop a training guide that you can use year to year to train your board members and educate them so that they enjoy their tenure with you and they are effective.

Engaging Your Board in Fundraising   Does your board understand why you want them to fundraise? Did you know that not all board members will become fundraisers, but that they can still play a significant role in supporting the fundraising process? We’ll develop tools your board members can use in order to be successful  and create a plan where every board member is involved in funding your organization’s mission!

Strategic Planning   Strategic planning is one of the greatest tools an organization can use to map their future.  A good strategic plan is simple to use and understand; it states expected outcomes, includes an accountability and timeframe component, and it provides a framework for success.  Does your organization have a strategic plan in place?  Do you use it regularly and update it, and does your board follow it or, is it placed on a shelf until it’s time to revise it, for the next board retreat?  If you aren’t making the best use of your strategic plan, or you haven’t created one lately (or ever), let’s talk.  Don’t shy away from the process that can outline your path to success.


What does success look like for your organization? Let’s talk about how to get there!  Call me today to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.



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